BlockTerra Capital is an investment firm focused on cryptographic assets, blockchain technology and digital currencies.

We specialize in working with professional athletes, family offices and accredited investors.


BlockTerra Hedge fund

Advance Trading Methods

BlockTerra employs a global, multi-strategy approach of long term-positions, swing trading, algorithmic trading, hedging and pre-ICO + ICO investments in order to seek maximum client returns.

Cold Storage

BlockTerra maintains best-in-class institutional relationships with third party cold storage + accounting solutions to ensure safe management of client assets.

24/7 Analyst Teams

BlockTerra Lab's computer science, trading + analyst teams are constantly developing new ways to analyze the 24/7 Digital Exchanges. Whether its investing in Pre-ICO + ICO projects, providing consulting + advisory services or finding new ways to visualize algorithms, sentiment, charts, trading + market conditions. BlockTerra never sleeps.

Client Relations

You join our community of investors and get constant updates on all our projects.

BlockTerra Capital

BlockTerra Capital provides diversifies exposure to emerging Blockchain markets for investors that want these services without the traditional barriers of Wall Street. Our primary focus is on investors in the verticals below.
• Pro Athletes
• Family Offices
• Accredited Investors
• Business Executives
• Active Investors in Retirement


The BlockTerra Team is comprised of former professional & college athletes
with a combined 25+ Years experience in Global Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Engineering and Game Theory.

Tyler Adkison


Tyler saw challenges from his high net worth teammates, who were having difficulties getting exposed to Digital Exchange Markets. He retired from baseball to fully immerse his time and energy towards the developments of BlockTerra Capital.

Sport: Baseball – LA Dodgers

Brian Foote

Managing Partner

Brian has spent 15 years delivering global branding, marketing, communications, and strategic partnerships for clients ranging from blockchain startups to the Fortune 500.

Sport: Soccer – UCLA

William Purdy

CIO-Managing Partner

Will Purdy is a Venture Partner at BlockTerra Capital, helping lead their trading, technical analysis and market monitoring teams – with active trading experience on global exchanges such as Bitmex, Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin and Huobi.

Will began his career on Wall Street with Maxim Group investment banking, securities and wealth management. He was a Finance graduate from Baruch College and currently splits his time between New York and San Diego, CA.

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